Shepard’s Pie

This is a family recipe I learnt from my Dad. In this recipe we do something a bit different (and lazy) with our potatoes: They are sliced instead of mashed. If you don’t believe it’s better then give it a try yourself and tell me your verdict.


Ingredients: Serves 2 (two portions)

2 Potatoes (large)
2 Carrots (large)
1 Onion
1 or 2 Cloves of garlic (depending on your preferences)
1 pack of Lamb mince (Ideally lean) or quorn
Cheddar cheese
1 Meat stock cube
Olive oil, salt, pepper

I was cooking for four, so I basically doubled the ingredients.


1. The whole process will be quicker if all the chopping, peeling and grating is done first. Chop up the onions and garlic together and put in a pan with oil. While this is flying stir occasionally and keep it on a low heat to prevent burning. The potatoes and carrots need to be peeled and the carrots then grated. Put these two to the side.

2. If the mince is not lean, aka is quite fatty, place it into a pan on a low-medium heat with a splash of oil. When the fat leaves the meat drain it out as this will create a healthier and better tasting meal. You can use a mug or something similar to put the fat into instead of a sink as it may block up your drain. When the fat is more solid pop it in the bin.


3. Add the mince (cooked or uncooked) to the onions and garlic once they have started to fry. If you have a meat stock cube you can add this now too.

4. While this is cooking boil a separate pan for the potatoes. Slice off one side of each potato so that they will stay in place when being chopped later on. Then add them to the boiling water.


5. Return to the cooking mince, add your grated carrot and stir in. Once the mince is cooked pour the mixture into an oven dish and grate on a layer of cheddar cheese. Add butter if you’re feeling naughty too.


6. Once the potatoes have softened, but not too the point of mashing, remove them from the water and carefully slice them thinly into strips. Arrange them onto of the dish and grate more cheese on top to finish. Now put the dish into the oven for about an hour at gas mark 5.



I normally have this meal with peas and tomato ketchup, and adding salt and pepper. How did you like this recipe?



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