Christmas Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake: This is a cake that I am famous for baking at home, however I am also famous for cocking it up. So when I decided to bake it for my university house mates as part of our fake Christmas Day I was a bit scared to say the least. Normally I use too much self-raising flour and the mixture ends up baking beautifully… all over the oven… and not necessarily inside the cake tin.

So for the sake of this recipe I halved the ingredients and didn’t use any bicarbonate of soda went to Asda to gather the ingredients my house mates and I did not already own. The recipe makes about 12 brownies – or one if you choose to eat it in one sitting.



– Flour, 75g – 70p
– Self raising flour, 75g – 70p
– Egg, 1 – £1 for 6
Butter, 250g- £1
– Sugar, 300g (yes I know just do what it says) – Already owned but around £1
– Chocolate, 300g (I used two dark/ normal bars and one milk bar) – £3
– Milk, a few splashes (I guessed myself)
Coco powder, spoonful
– Instant coffee, spoonful
– Decorations – Mine were white chocolate stars for less than £1


1. Put the flours, coco powder and sugar into a large mixing bowel and stir the ingredients together leaving a hole shape in the middle.

2. Melt together half of the chocolate and butter together in a bowel over hot water (or if you are like me forget the water and just heat them both on a low heat in a pan) then add the melted heaven to the mixing bowel and stir it all together.


3. Get a jug and add the milk, coffee and the egg with a splash of oil and mix it together. Then add this to your mixing bowel and stir until everything is properly mixed.

4. Pour the mixture into a  cake tray that has been greesed, have the oven at a high temperature such as 250c and check the mixture now and again to make sure it does not rise too much. It will take around an hour to cook and will be crisp on the outside, while soft on the inside.

5. Leave the cake to cool in or out of its tin and melt together the other half of your butter and chocolate. This should also be left to cool and become less runny: creating your yummy frosting.


6. Now all that is left to do is add the frosting, any other decorations, and if you can, wait for it to solidify and cool down. Then it is chocolate time!

Because I halved my ingredeints I was able to create a cake that did not go wrong FOR ONCE! All my friends loved the mud cake and I personally reccommend trying the cake warmed up for a gooey lovely dessert. 10/10 for happyness.

Check it out!



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